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8 thoughts on “ Stars On Stevie - Various - Power Pop 82/2 (Vinyl, LP)

  1. This is a list of notable events in music from , a year in which Madonna made her debut and Michael Jackson released Thriller, which still holds the title for the world's best selling album.
  2. Whether it was Dex or Jack who chose this, I don’t know, but Jack White has had a fascination with Paramount Records, putting out a couple of massive and expensive box sets: The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records – which I’d like to note is the same title as a grad school paper I wrote about Paramount back in the late 90′s that was.
  3. The Go “Whatcha Doin’” / 20th anniversary reissue on orange vinyl (“summer sun variant),” Third Man Records. Originally released on Sub Pop Records (I’m pretty sure we have the original CD from ‘99 around here somewhere), The Go’s first album featured the then not-famous Jack White on guitar (he left the band after the album’s release).
  4. Artist Title Origin 1st release Cond. Sl/Rec Label Label Order-No. Price € Informations: bigblack records, frankfurt am main, germany: lp: Naked Navy: scream of the hounded.
  5. Gonna tie up a few loose ends here, I’ve posted stuff by all these bands before, so there should be no real surprises. With this lot of rel.
  6. Aug 06,  · I’ve saved you the pain of my scratched and crackly vinyl copy and gone for a digital Rip for yer. Enjoy, and if yer into any gothic stuff from the 80’s, then go visit the Dark Circle Room, not that I’d say The Vaynes or Flesh For Lulu were ‘goth’ bands, but hey birdpburulapincrabernibitabasci.xyzinfo’s all Rock’n’Roll.
  7. Curtis Mayfield's express train kept chugging on with his seacond solo album. Album cover and title aside this album finds Curtis covering somewhat similar stylistic ground as far as the music is concerned (Superfly was still a year away) and you can hear that on the opener "Get Down" and the other hit single from the album "Beautiful Brother Of Mine" have a similar music sound to the opener /5(21).

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