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8 thoughts on “ Whispers and Moans

  1. "Whispers and Moans" depicts a cross section of sex workers in the lead-up to a hostess club's closing night. A campaigner arrives at the club to push for a union, but her academic stand draws scant attention from call girls concerned with other matters, from tangles romances to drugs to an influx of hard-working prostitutes from the mainland/10(1).
  2. Whispers and Moans – Crowded House Tabbed by: maguri Tuning: Standard Crowded House Whispers and Moans () (birdpburulapincrabernibitabasci.xyzinfo Finn) From: "Woodface" capo: 3rd fret play: D key: F for original chords transpose this tab up 3 steps to F CHORDS E-A-D-G-B-e G/D x-x Abm 4-xx C9 x Bb/F 1-x Bb/D x-x Bb/C xx G7
  3. The first, Whispers and Moans (Sing kung chok tse sup yut tam), a diaristic mosaic, is truly a rarity of rarities on this subject: a clear-eyed, entertaining, and unsentimental effort that also manages to be both revealing and socially conscious without being polemical or exploitative/5(46).
  4. Whispers and Moans Lyrics: Dull, dull grey / The colour of our times / Cool, cool space / That I still hope to find / Far beyond the veil / The sound of whispers and moans / Slow, time bomb / The.
  5. Jan 29,  · WHISPERS AND MOANS - Crowded House capo: 3rd fret Intro: D – Dm7 - G – D D Dm7 Dull, dull grey G D The colour of our times D Dm7 Cool, cool space G D That I still hope to find Bm/Ab Gm Far be – yond the veil C9 D Dm7 - G – D The sound of whispers and moans D Dm7 Slow, time bomb G D The clamour of the street D Dm7 I hear, this town G D /5(4).
  6. "Far beyond the veil, the sound of whispers and moans" "When tomorrow comes we may not be here at all, without YOUR whispers and moans" "Cleansed in a moment of recognition, you gave your life for it, worth it's weight in gold.".
  7. May 17,  · The main threads at play in Whispers and Moans involve fear of infection and guilt at exposing loved ones to the shady realities of the biz. However, there's no overly emotional /10().
  8. On the surface "Whispers and Moans" actually seems to be very neutral, but when you look at the core, things look a little different, unfortunately. "Whispers and Moans" would had been better off if it would just have sticked to letting the situations talk, instead of also allowing the different characters to give us their share of thoughts.

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