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7 thoughts on “ Wodka - Lärm - Untalented After All These Years (Cassette)

  1. May 03,  · Paradoxically, all these inferior fakes were sold - at full price -to people who prize quality. Nobody, after all, bothers to counterfeit so-called bargain tapes.
  2. Oct 05,  · Move over, vinyl records: Cassette tapes are making a comeback. This year marks the third annual International Cassette Store Day, and the celebration will include the release or .
  3. Feb 25,  · Then there were the cassette tapes. People make fun of that obsolete technology today, but there was a time when it was cutting edge. Or cutting middle, anyway.
  4. Nov 12,  · Cassette Tapes Are Back, Don't You Dare Call Them Obsolete and not just because he’s a man whose family company put its faith behind the machinery 50 years .
  5. Jul 15,  · The first Cr02 (chrome) blank cassette tapes came out in the early '70s. These tapes were not compatible for recording in a Normal bias cassette deck because the erase head needed to re-record over a chrome tape had to be much more powerful than a Normal bias erase head as well as the recording head itself had to be more powerful to make a loud enough recording on them.
  6. Nov 07,  · A bout 20 years ago I wrote an article about the demise of the cassette tape. It was, I dimly recall, a fond farewell to the format, even though, at bottom, I didn’t care. I figured humanity.
  7. Aug 31,  · Cassette tapes last different amounts of time depending on the condition they are in and what type of use they receive. In theory if they are treated correctly, they should have the potential to run for several thousand of hours (however this vari.

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