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4 thoughts on “ Nightmare In Waking - Hedlok (2) - Behold The Deathsquad (CD, Album)

  1. A Waking Nightmare The World Which Only You Can See. Part One Dipper was trapped. He kicked and thrashed to get loose, but his leg was stuck under the debris of a house blown to bits. Mable was lying unconscious and pallid paces away, out of his reach. A sickening amount of blood pooled under her head, soaking into her hair and her pink sweatshirt.
  2. Living Nightmare. An old hag spirit that tormented a woman in childhood resurfaces after many years and encroaches on her waking hours to torture her entire family. See Tune-In Times. Previous Episode. Immortal Love. Next Episode. Evil Entity. On TV See Full Schedule. Travel Channel Newsletter.

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