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  1. ABOUT RETROFIT. The world as we knew it is undergoing a historical change, thanks to a grueling shift in the economy that is forcing our nation and others to navigate away from consumption and toward savings. The design and construction industries have experienced huge losses in revenue, opportunities and employees.
  2. retrofit翻譯:使(機器)改型翻新,升級改造, (機器)改型翻新,升級改造。了解更多。.
  3. At Retrofit 1 our in engineers provide a cost effective approach to seismic retrofitting by visiting the site to do pre-construction invasive testing, and we take our own pictures. The engineer then uses that important information to design a solution for your building that uses the least amount of steel and other material to save you money on.
  4. Retrofit is the class through which your API interfaces are turned into callable objects. By default, Retrofit will give you sane defaults for your platform but it allows for customization. Converters. By default, Retrofit can only deserialize HTTP bodies into OkHttp's ResponseBody type and it can only accept its RequestBody type for @Body.
  5. Welcome to HB RetroFit LED Lighting HB Retrofit provides sustainable solutions for energy consumption; saving our customers between 50% – 70% on utility bills by switching to LED Lighting. Image already added Retrofit Services We are specialists in providing Retrofit Services. Our team of experts have over 30 years of experience. Energy Audits At HB.
  6. Retrofit definition, to modify equipment (in airplanes, automobiles, a factory, etc.) that is already in service using parts developed or made available after the time of original manufacture. See more.
  7. Retrofit Brand Mfg is Perfect for the Simple Man. Simplicity is key. Retrofit clothing is the brand for guys who like to keep it simple. There are no highly complicated patterns and no bright colors. There are, however, a lot of minimalistic clothes in very basic colors.
  8. Retrofit Canada is a nonprofit open source deep energy retrofit initiative dedicated to innovating and sharing details and techniques anyone can use to complete a deep energy retrofit.. Here you can find easy to follow plans, case studies, and advocacy for deep energy retrofits that make our buildings more comfortable, our impacts more sustainable, and our planet more livable.
  9. Retrofit Actuators, valves, and sensors are responsible for ensuring reliable functioning HVAC systems. Damaged or non-functioning can lead to degradation and poor system performance, causing energy waste, occupant discomfort, and increased costs. Belimo offers standard and customized retrofit solutions that increase performance, efficiency.

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